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Will I get really hot sleeping on a memory foam mattress

Will I get really hot sleeping on a memory foam mattress?

Everyone seems to ask the question: Will I get really hot sleeping on a memory foam mattress?  This might be the main factor which deters people from purchasing a memory foam mattress, so here are the facts which you should take into account.

Getting hot and sweaty at night

If you sleep on a regular mattress and tend to get hot under the covers at night, a memory foam mattress might make things worse for you.  Memory foam mattresses are not as breathable as coil mattresses and the truth is that you might get hot sleeping at night if you already have a problem sleeping on your coil mattress.

It is recommended that you sleep in a cool environment at night.  My suggestion is anywhere from 17C-22C.  Your body rests better in these temperatures.  Try turning the temperature down on your air conditioner, or cracking your bedroom window open at night.  Getting fresh cool air at night is very important to get a good rest and this will definitely help you sleep better and prevent you from having night sweats and getting hot.

Your bed sheets and covers also play a huge role in your sleep.  Try switching to a thinner more breathable bed sheet during the hot summer months.

Regular Visco Memory Foam Mattresses

These are your basic memory foam mattresses.  They are not infused with “cool gel” or “cool beads”.  If you tend not to get hot at night on your regular mattress, and sleep in a cooler environment, you should not have problems getting hot and sweaty at night with a regular memory foam mattress.  I sleep on a regular memory foam mattress and I do not have any problems as long as my room is nice and cool during the night.

Gel Infused and Gel Bead Memory Foam Mattresses

Studies show that gel infused memory foam stays cooler than regular memory foam.  The difference is not extremely drastic, but it does make a difference in your sleep.  There is no real way to figure out exactly how much gel is infused in the mattress or how many beads are in the memory foam so if you are skeptical, buy from a trusted brand and make sure there is a comfort guarantee that allows you to exchange your mattress within a certain period of time.  At least you are protected and can exchange your mattress if you still feel you are getting too hot at night.

Convoluted Foam

Convoluted foam looks like an upside-down egg carton with ridges that create extra channels of air flow throughout the mattress.  This definitely makes the mattress more breathable, but still not to the same extent as a coil mattress.  Think about it: The space between the layers of foam will never be as great as in a coil mattress, and they tend to get compressed together anyways when you sleep on the mattress.  Although this is a great feature to have to further increase the breath-ability of the mattress, it is not a perfect solution to fix the problem.

Final Thought

Memory foam mattresses are by far the most comfortable, best pressure relieving beds out there.  In my opinion, the benefits far outweigh the concerns of getting too hot at night if you know how to overcome this problem.  Sleep at a cool temperature at night, and get proper breathable bed sheets to prevent you from getting night sweats.  If you want to further assure a cool night’s sleep go for a gel infused memory foam from a trusted brand and the majority of them include convoluted foam anyways.

At last, make sure the trusted retailer you are purchasing your memory foam mattress from offers a comfort guarantee.  In the worst case scenario you can exchange your mattress for something else if you still have problems getting too hot.  I hope this clears things up for everyone and I wish everyone the best night sleep!


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