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How to compare mattresses between various retailers.

Everyone now a days wants to shop around and find the best deals on mattresses between various retailers.  The mattress industry is very competitive and retailers are making it difficult to shop around and compare their mattresses.  Consumers have noticed that certain mattress models are only available at a certain retail chain, while another retailer will carry mattresses of the same brand, only different models.

Here is how it works:  A mattress manufacturer will supply the same mattresses under a certain name to one retailer, only to change the name of the model and even the fabric colour for another retailer.  This way, certain retail chains can claim that they have “exclusive” products.  This confuses consumers when trying to compare mattresses from one store to another.

How to compare mattresses.

Consumers should focus on the specs of the mattress rather than the model name or how it looks like in the store.  Look at what the mattress is made up of, the guts as you will, of the mattress.  Compare the type of coil, the foam used in the mattress, the feel of the mattress etc.

For example: You can visit one store and find the Serta Perfect Sleeper Dryden Pillow Top.  It is beige in colour and has 814 FlexCoil, pillow top with memory foam and latex, and feels firm.  Another store will have the Serta Perfect Sleeper Dundee.  This mattress is blue but also has 814 FlexCoil, pillow top with memory foam and latex and feels exactly as firm as the Dryden.  The chances are the Dryden and Dundee are the same exact mattress only with a different name and different fabric. Now compare which store offers the better price.

You should only compare different mattress models made by the same manufacturer.  It is much more difficult to compare two mattresses made by two different manufacturers.  Although both mattresses could have the same amount of pocket coils, memory foam, and feel similar in the store, it is hard to judge the quality of materials used between two manufacturers.  However, if the manufacturer is reputable, has been around for a long time, and has good reviews online, it is safer to compare their mattresses with other brand name mattresses.

Note:  Do not take the sales representatives word for what is inside the mattress without seeing an official spec sheet or researching the mattress model online to determine the type of coil and construction of the mattress.  There have been many instances where sales reps are misinformed about a certain mattress and could be giving you inaccurate information.

In conclusion, consumers should compare the construction of a mattress made by the same manufacturer but sold in different stores.  Don’t be fooled by “exclusive” mattress models that seem like a good deal at a certain store.  Shop around various retailers and try to find a mattress made by the same manufacturer that has the same specifications.  The fabric colour and name of the model should not matter.  This way you can make a smart comparison and get the best mattress deal out there.


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