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What to Look For

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The mattress industry technologies in today’s time have really advanced and developed over the years.   Although everyone’s idea of comfort may vary (some prefer a really soft bed while others like a firm mattress), there are numerous amounts of luxurious new cushioning materials and soft fabric treatments which provide for the most comfortable sleep tailored to everyone’s individual needs.

Getting the right support in areas where your body needs it most is very important for not only comfort during sleep but also for your body’s health.  Look for a mattress which supports the heaviest areas of your body including your hips, lower back, and shoulders, and also keeps your spine in alignment while you sleep. Be vary of “firm” beds as one manufacturers “firm” may feel a lot different than another’s.  The best way to test a mattress and to lie down and evaluate how you feel.

Having enough room to move around and turn is essential for a good night’s sleep.  Cramping up on a mattress which is too small for you not only affects your sleep but can also cripple your spine in the long run.  A queen size bed is typically ideal for couple although a king size is recommended if you can fir it in your room.  The extra room will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer as you won’t be bumping into your partner in the middle of the night.

The quality of materials used and how well they are put together is what ultimately determined the durability of your mattress.  The best advice is to buy the highest quality mattress you can afford as higher end models always use the best components that will remain supportive and comfortable the longest.  All mattresses eventually degrade and lose their comfort over time and it is recommended to change your mattress every 10 years on average.


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