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Sleep Tips

81715156-225x300 Sleep Tips We all have busy lives and a million things to do throughout the day, so it is very important to take time and recharge our bodies through a proper night’s sleep. Getting a quality night’s sleep as well as a good number of hours of sleep can be beneficial to your mood, productivity, and overall health the next day. Here are our sleep tips to help you get the best sleep possible from National Mattress!

  • MAINTAIN a regular bedtime schedule, during the week and on weekends.
  • ESTABLISH a regular, bedtime routine which is relaxing to help you ease your mind and drift into sleep easily. Examples include soaking in a hot bath, listening to your favorite music, or reading a book.
  • CREATE a sleep-comfortable environment that is dark, cool, comfortable and quiet.
  • SLEEP on a comfortable mattress which is accompanied with good pillows and a comfortable sheet set.
  • USE your bedroom only for sleep. Avoid using it for other activities such as hobbies, watching television, or working.
  • FINISH eating any large meals at least two hours before your regular bedtime to allow proper digestion prior to sleep.
  • EXERCISE regularly. Exercise helps your body function properly and in turn benefits good sleep.
  • AVOID nicotine (e.g. cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products). Smoking around bedtime can lead to poor sleep.
  • AVOID caffeine (e.g. coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, chocolate) close to bedtime. It can keep you awake for up to 6 hours after consumption.
  • AVOID alcohol close to bedtime. It can cause disrupted sleep later in the night and wake you up throughout the night.

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