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At National Mattress Outlet we don’t just say we have the best prices, we prove it with our money saving business model which includes the following benefits:

No Prime Retail Locations – Our warehouses are located in non-prime retail areas, away from your typical mall and plaza retail environment. This allows us to save money on rent and pass on those saving to the end consumer. Traditional mattress stores are located in malls and retail shopping plazas where they pay a high premium for rent, which eventually gets absorbed in the end price of your mattress. Our locations are selected to bring you the most value and best prices on your new mattress.

No Expensive Showrooms – Traditional showrooms are expensive to build and maintain. Sure they look great, but all that décor and fancy decorations are costing you money. Regular showrooms need to replace their mattresses every so often so they are clean and fresh for the customer to try. At National Mattress Outlet, we skip all the fancy and give you exactly what you came to see; a quality brand name mattress. We keep the majority of our mattresses in their original bags to avoid the costs of replacing our mattresses often, which equates to a lower final price for you.

Space Saving Warehouse – Our space saving warehouses are designed to fit the most amount of inventory is the least amount of space. We pile our mattresses to the roof, while still allowing you to lie down and try them before buying. Our warehouse is our distribution centre, so when you find a mattress that you like, you can pick it up on the spot or have it quickly delivered to your home from the same location. Our warehouses save you money and make in convenient to shop for your new mattress the smart way.

Buying Power – We have established relationships with the biggest manufacturers in the mattress industry. All of our mattresses are made by the brand-names you know and trust right here in Canada. We purchase large lots of mattresses in bulk and negotiate the best price possible in order to pass down the savings to you. Compare and see how much you can save with National Mattress Outlet.

Non-Commissioned Staff – Our staff is not paid on a commission which allows you to shop in a pressure free environment without the hassle of traditional salespersons. Without paying a commission we are further able to pass on those saving to you. Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable about the many different varieties of mattresses available in store, and are able to recommend the best mattress for your particular sleeping habits and needs.



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