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Mattress Sales – Don’t get tricked!

Why is it that mattresses are always on sale? If you think about it, wherever and whenever you go shopping for a mattress, there is always a super promotion going on that gives you 50% off this and 60% off that.  You shouldn’t get tricked into thinking you got a good deal, just because you bought your new mattress on sale.  There are smarter ways to shop and I am going to list a few methods to ensure that you don’t get ripped off!

Compare Product not Price

Just because a retailer says that the mattress you are looking at retails for over $2000 and it is on sale for $800, doesn’t mean you are necessarily getting a good deal.  Realistically, nobody would buy that mattress for $2000 ever.  This jacked up price is only used to trick the consumer into thinking they are getting a better deal.

You should compare the mattress with other mattresses of similar coil count, interior materials (memory foam, latex, bio foam etc.) and overall quality of the product.  You will be surprised to see that one mattress on sale 65%off $2399 for $839 can have the sale coil count, same memory foam in the euro top, and even be the exact same make and model at one retailer, as another retailer selling it for $699 at their everyday regular price.

This happens all the time between retailers as consumers are not aware of the tricks played to sucker them into buying something they think they got an unbelievable deal on.

At National Mattress Outlet we never inflate prices and then put in fake deals to trick our customers.  We compare our pricing to the average listed price of many of the big box retailers (not inflated regular prices on sale but regular prices not on sale) and then slash that price by a couple hundred dollars to bring you the most value for your money.

With our unique business model encompassing low overhead, no commissions, and bulk orders we are able to offer unbeatable prices on all of our products without promoting deceiving “sales”.  In fact, we only put a mattress on sale if it is discontinued or if we have an abundance of inventory.  We do his because our everyday prices are already substantially lower than our competitors.

If you are in the market for a new mattress, don’t get tricked into sale prices thinking you are getting a deal.  Instead, compare specifications and final price you are paying.  As an informed consumer, you will scope out a better deal and get a better quality product if you understand how mattress pricing works.


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