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How Can I Tell If I Need A New Mattress?

For many, investing in a mattress is perceived as a one-time purchase. Once you have a bed to sleep on, it doesn’t seem necessary to consider buying a new one. As one of the most used household pieces, it isn’t as easy to determine when the appropriate time is to transition to a new mattress. Due to regular wear and tear over time, replacing your mattress every 8-10 years is advised. While it may remain comfortable, your mattress can lose its primary purpose over time of providing your body with the necessary support it needs.

Here are a few factors to consider when determining if it is time to invest in a new mattress:

  1. Waking up more fatigued than when you went to bed
    If you start noticing a trend in your sleeping pattern that you constantly wake up feeling more tired than the night before, your mattress might be a reason why. Once your mattress starts losing its firmness and providing inadequate comfort, it can significantly reduce your quality of sleep.


  1. You get a better night’s sleep anywhere but in bed
    After reading this, you might become increasingly aware of the quality of sleep you are getting per night. Does the guest bed feel comfier than your own? Or maybe even the couch? Chances are your mattress is playing a big role in this.


  1. Your current mattress is visibly worn down
    Sags, imprints and impressions are distinct examples of a worn down mattress. Based on usage over time, the upholstery layers of a mattress tend to compress. A helpful tip if you notice any of these features is to turn your mattress every 3 months or every season.


  1. Impressions left on your bed
    Inadequate support where you often sleep cause your mattress to sag or form lumps in those areas specifically. This uneven distribution of weight leads to permanent changes in the structure of your mattress.


  1. Your mattress is really, really old.
    As mentioned before, age and quality of a mattress are highly important in determining if it is still suitable for a good nights sleep. Your age also plays a role in ensuring your mattress is appropriate for you. As you grow older, your body continuously develops, meaning your current mattress won’t be able to provide the same comfort & durability as when you first purchased it. There will come a point in time where flipping and rotating your mattress just won’t be enough.


  1. Allergies!
    As time evolves, so do the amount of dust mites lurking inside your mattress. If you notice you are starting to wake up sniffling and sneezing more often than not, the dust mite collection may be at fault. To help prevent this, mattress covers and pillows with anti-mite material is a great quick fix solution.

Considering the factors above is important not only for a good nights rest, but primarily for your overall well-being. To help alleviate any of these problems and get back to a good nights rest, come into our showroom & test out our quality mattresses!



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