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How To Choose The Best Mattress For Seniors. Complete Guide

how to choose the best mattress for seniors
June 13, 2021 1808 view(s)

How To Choose The Best Mattress For Seniors. Complete Guide

It goes without saying that as we get older, we start to experience small aches and pains as our bodies begin to slow down. Even while managing to avoid certain conditions, it is for certain that our bodies require more treatment and care in order to make the most out of our senior years.

Since our sleep is a big part of that equation, having a proper mattress can do wonders when it comes to improving the quality of life. So today, we will be looking at how to choose the best mattress if you're a senior so you can prevent health complications and pave your path to feeling youthful again!

The Importance Of Having A Good Mattress If Your A Senior

Elderly men and women become more sensitive to medical conditions such as chronic back pain as well as muscle pain. In some cases, seniors may even develop chronic pain from sleeping on a poor-quality mattress.

In addition, mental alertness starts to diminish by nature as we get older. This is why getting a proper REM sleep cycle through the night is vital to maintaining awareness and attentive alertness the following day.

A quality mattress will not only help seniors support a healthier lifestyle but can also significantly improve the quality of their life. You can simply regain energy and strength to enjoy the things you love to do with a proper good night's rest, which is why having a good mattress is so vital to living a better life as a senior.


Memory Foam Or Pocket Coil?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get from seniors is whether pocket coil or memory foam mattresses are better for their back. Both types of mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to the person's specific situation.


The Pros & Cons Of Going Memory Vs Pocket Coil

The benefit of going for a pocket coil mattress over memory foam is their ability to breathe better. This is because coil mattresses allow more air to pass through them which helps to expel excess heat trapped within the fibers and layers of the mattress. So if you tend to get hot easily at night to the point where you feel uncomfortable, then you may want to go with a pocket coil mattress.

On the other hand, memory foam mattresses are a better option if you don't want the bounce feeling every time you or your partner moves during the night. They provide a motionless effect that can help you achieve a deeper sleep without being disturbed. They can also contour more to your body, which helps keep your spine aligned, making them a great option if you struggle with chronic back pain.

Check out our article on our tips for relieving back pain.

The bottom line when comparing memory and pocket coil mattresses is that they can both serve your needs as long as you're aiming for quality. So if you're going for a pocket coil mattress, then more coils mean better support for your back. The same rules apply for memory foam mattresses, where the better quality foam will provide a better sleeping experience and longevity for your mattress.

What Seniors Should Look For When Choosing Their Mattress



Opting for materials such as memory foam can help seniors by allowing the mattress to contour to their bodies. This can help relieve pressure from areas such as their hips, lower back, neck, and shoulders.

Going for breathable fabrics such as bamboo can also prevent your body from overheating. Latex and cooling gel are also great features to look for that can keep your mattress stay cooler at night, especially in the summertime, or if you have many layers to your bedding.



Joint pain, as well as back pain, can often occur from not having the right type of mattress density. Though highly popular due to the plush feeling you get like in a hotel, a mattress that is too soft can cause the center of your body to cave downward when lying down, which therefore prevents your spine from getting the support it needs.

So, choosing a medium or firmer mattress is generally better for providing all-around back support. However, if your mattress is too firm, then this can cause pain on certain pressure points on the body, such as your shoulders and hips. This pressure relief is critical to achieving a good night's sleep that is uninterrupted. 

The best rule of thumb is to go for the firmest mattress possible without having to sacrifice comfort for your specific sleeping position. You should be able to find a happy medium between the two.



Shopping for a good-quality mattress can be expensive, and not having a good warranty can cause unnecessary headaches later down the road. A longer warranty can also give you peace of mind around your purchasing decision if anything were to happen.

Typically, a longer warranty will reflect a better quality mattress. But remember that there is always a possibility of a defect or faulty construction, so be sure to ask questions about the warranty that comes issued with your mattress and be informed as to what it covers.

Understanding your warranty is a key part of your investment, so be sure to thoroughly understand what's covered, and what's not!


How well you sleep without being disturbed is just as important as sleep duration. A Noisy mattress can disrupt your REM sleep cycle, which will prevent you from getting the most out of your rest at night, and what better way to become cranky than from listening to a screeching bed!

Spring mattresses are the most susceptible to this problem since they have metal components that can wear down over time, whereas memory foam mattresses are just composed of a few layers of foam. Also, consider getting a new box spring when purchasing your next mattress, as they too can wear over time and create an annoying racket.



The term ‘mattress support’ refers to how even and stable the sleep surface is. A supportive mattress will keep your body level - preventing pain from aching backs, neck pains, shoulders, or legs; while an unsupportive bed can contribute to backaches for many people throughout their life span by not meeting their demands.

Mattresses designed for a specific type of sleeper are often going to be more expensive than ones that can accommodate multiple types. Proper spinal alignment is key when it comes to this, which is why having the right mattress specific to your situation is key to maintaining a good sleep position.

Mattress manufacturers have spent years understanding the effect mattress materials, height and weight have on sleepers in order to create mattresses specifically suited for certain body shapes or sleeping positions like back-sleeper vs stomach; side sleeper vs front/stomach snorer. They also need this information because creating one size fits all is not an option as people come with wildly different needs when it comes to their ideal night's rest.



The average mattress will last for six to seven years, though some types may fail sooner. Innersprings and polyfoam models are associated with shorter lifespans of two to three years max; other types such as latex or airbeds can have a lifespan of eight-plus years before they need replacing.

A good mattress is an investment that will last through the years. It's important to understand your warranty and how it can benefit you, but a 10-year coverage should be sufficient for most of today's mattresses.


Edge Perimider Support

Mattresses may develop sinkage along the perimeter where people sit when they are getting into and out of bed. Over time, this can affect the shape of your sleep surface and undermine its supportive qualities if you're prone to using edges for support or lying close to them while sleeping.
You'll want to avoid all-foam models if you suffer from arthritis or other joint problems. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses have reinforced edges that reduce sinkage, so they're a safer bet for those of us who need strong edge support.


Many seniors and elderly persons naturally sleep hot, and some seniors' medications can change the way they sleep temperature. To avoid this problem, you may want to choose a mattress that is not too warm or cold. A good choice for these people would be one with an even surface of thick foam layers-the kind that will absorb your body heat without trapping it in there all night long! Remember: mattresses infused with cooling gels are sometimes just as uncomfortable when trying to switch temperatures throughout the evening (though other owners might disagree).
Fortunately, seniors who are concerned with temperature neutrality will enjoy cooler nights of sleep when they invest in an inner-spring or hybrid mattress. These mattresses have coil layers within the core that better regulate air circulation and maintain a cool sleeping surface for hot sleepers and women going through menopause alike.

Motion Transfer

When we sleep, our bodies naturally move in response to other stimuli. When a partner moves during the night and interrupts your slumber it can be very disruptive—especially if you're not used to sleeping with someone else! Good mattresses offer excellent isolation from motion transfer so couples may remain blissfully asleep throughout the night without interruption.

What are some of the most common causes for nighttime disruptions? How could these problems be solved by using better materials such as pillows or mattress pads? The best mattress for seniors will always be the one that causes the least amount of interruptions. 

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